Alabama has some of Lowest Property Taxes in the US

Alabama has some of the lowest property taxes in the nation.  A Forbes article, written in 2020, says that Alabama has the second lowest property tax rate in the country (0.48%), behind Hawaii (0.36%) Low property tax is one very good reason to invest in rural land in Alabama. If you were considering a piece of rural land in Perry County, where I live, you would be looking at a low millage rate of 47 mills. That means for every $1,000 of assessed value, you would only owe $47.00 in …

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Lunch and Land FB LIve- Land for Sale in Alabama

Lunch and Land Facebook Live 4

This week Jonathan and Andrew Harp discuss 4 great pieces of Land for sale in Alabama, and Andrew shares the history of the Farm Credit Banks. This week’s four properties include: 80 acres +/- of land for sale in Autauga County for the reduced price of $98,000. 150 acres +/- of great hunting and timberland for sale in Sumter County for $455,000. La Potencia III premier sporting property for sale in Marengo County for $2,700,000. 54 acres +/- of land …

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Safer on YOUR Acres- Shooting House Roundup

Taking a few minutes to spray Roundup around your shooting houses, feeders, and tractor implements is one of the best ways to prevent encounters with venomous snakes. Each year when hunting clubs host their clean-up days, there are often snakes in and around the shooting houses that are grown up. Shooting houses offer cover to mice and insects, which in turn often draws snakes. Rattlesnakes and copperheads are particularly fond of this sort of habitat. Please watch the short video …

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Yellowstone' Dutton Ranch is Chief Joseph Ranch by Jonathan Goode

Yellowstone’s Dutton Ranch is really the Chief Joseph Ranch

Yellowstone is once again one of the most popular shows on television. Season 3  of the Paramount Network’s blockbuster began airing this week, and people are excited to see what awaits the Dutton family and their sprawling Montana ranch. I am fascinated with the show, for its story line and also for the beauty of the landscapes where it is set. As a land broker, I had to know more about the place where this show is portrayed. The Yellowstone …

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Safer on Your Acres

Safer on YOUR Acres- 2nd Amendment Freedoms

One of the many reasons people look for land for sale in Alabama is because they want a place to safely use their firearms. Alabama is blessed with a strong hunting heritage, many sporting traditions, and a desire to exercise our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights. Prospective buyers contact me often looking for land where they can shoot their firearms safely. In this short video, I share my personal experiences with firearms, and my family’s hunting heritage. I also share about …

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Safer on Your Acres

Safer on YOUR Acres- The Origin

Safer on YOUR Acres was born as a direct response to the Covid- 19 crisis. Alabama and many other states and municipalities issued “Safer at Home” orders. Since mid-March, people have been encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, and to stay indoors much of the time. There are many scientific studies that indicate that being outdoors is healthy for our whole being: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Most of us know this intuitively. There is no better way …

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Safer on Your Acres

Safer On YOUR Acres

Nothing allows you to live out your personal values like living out on acreage. Outside the confines of city streets, Home Owners Associations, and the view of your neighbors, you can be you. This is one of the reasons my family loves living way away from it all. For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought important things to the forefront of their minds that perhaps had been stuffed to the back. Everyone was suddenly confronted with decisions about distancing …

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Alabama Hunting Land for Lease

Alabama Hunting Land for Lease

Jonathan Goode and Southeastern Land Group specialize in helping people buy and sell rural land across the Southeast, and especially in Alabama and Mississippi. I do not handle hunting leases, but we offer this page as a resource for those who are interested in leasing hunting property. SELG is not officially connected with these hunting leases in any capacity, but we do have a good working relationship with many of these entities. In each possible instance the links below lead  to the page for hunting land leases. Please let me know if we can assist you with any of your land buying or selling needs.

Alabama Farmers Federation

Alabama Forest Owner Association

Alabama Forestry Association

Alabama Power Corporation

Alawest, Inc. – 205-339-0300

Campbell Group

CSX Railroad

Dudley Lumber Company – 334-745-4695

Forest Investment Associates

Hancock Forest Management

International Paper Company

Mead WestVaco


Outdoor Alabama


Rayonier Corporation

Regions, Morgan & Keegan

Resource Management Services

Timberland Investment Resources

University of Alabama

University of South Alabama Timberlands

Westervelt Wildlife Services

Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Land for Sale in Alabama

Land for Sale in Mississippi


WNSP Outdoors Radio Jonathan Goode interview

WNSP Outdoors Radio Interview on May 7, 2020

Today I had the privilege of joining hosts, Alan White and Doug Max, on the WNSP Outdoors radio show. These men cover everything in the outdoors from turkeys to tripletails, and everything in between. We discussed strategies for investing in timberland and buying hunting land in Alabama. We had a great time, and if you missed the live show on 105.5 FM out of Mobile today, you can catch the interview here. We discussed topics that everyone wants to know …

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Alabama Center for Real Estate- A Tremendous Resource

Would you like access to seemingly endless information and data about real estate markets in Alabama? If so, you need to be connected with the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE). The Center for Real Estate is part of the Culverhouse College of Commerce at the University of Alabama. ACRE provides a plethora of resources for many different types of stakeholders. Developers, real estate licensees and brokers, University students, economic development offices, and Alabamans all benefit from the work of the …

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