2021 Alabama Land Market Recap on Facebook Live

Andrew Harp, with Alabama Ag Credit, and Jonathan Goode recap the 2021 Alabama Land Market and give a few thoughts about what will happen in 2022, in this Facebook Live video. Jonathan also promotes 3 good hunting properties for sale in west Alabama.  Please give this video a watch, and let us know your thoughts.

Jonathan Goode and Pat Porter talk about First Time Land Buyer Tips

Tips for First Time Land Buyers

What are some of the most important things that land buyers need to know when making their first land purchase? I recently had the chance to sit down with my friend Pat Porter, broker with RecLand Realty, LLC in Monroe, Louisiana to share some of the top things you need to know when making a rural land purchase. Here are a few key takeaways: Be able to articulate the answers to the following questions: Where do you want to be? …

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Alabama Land Market Update October 2021

Jonathan Goode and Andrew Harp, with Alabama Ag Credit, sit down at the Montgomery office to share a land market update.  Demand for rural land is still strong across all sizes and price-ranges.  The topics we cover in this episode include “Taking possession of land in an LLC”, Alabama property taxes are due, and 120 acres and 78 acres for sale in the north east portion of Perry County, Alabama.

Safer on YOUR Acres- Shooting House Roundup

Taking a few minutes to spray Roundup around your shooting houses, feeders, and tractor implements is one of the best ways to prevent encounters with venomous snakes. Each year when hunting clubs host their clean-up days, there are often snakes in and around the shooting houses that are grown up. Shooting houses offer cover to mice and insects, which in turn often draws snakes. Rattlesnakes and copperheads are particularly fond of this sort of habitat. Please watch the short video …

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Safer on Your Acres

Safer on YOUR Acres- 2nd Amendment Freedoms

One of the many reasons people look for land for sale in Alabama is because they want a place to safely use their firearms. Alabama is blessed with a strong hunting heritage, many sporting traditions, and a desire to exercise our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights. Prospective buyers contact me often looking for land where they can shoot their firearms safely. In this short video, I share my personal experiences with firearms, and my family’s hunting heritage. I also share about …

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