Safer On YOUR Acres

Nothing allows you to live out your personal values like living out on acreage. Outside the confines of city streets, Home Owners Associations, and the view of your neighbors, you can be you. This is one of the reasons my family loves living way away from it all.

For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought important things to the forefront of their minds that perhaps had been stuffed to the back. Everyone was suddenly confronted with decisions about distancing themselves from others, the security and availability of their food, and the definition of economic stability.

Over the past 10 weeks, I have had many conversations with people who are seeking to exercise more control over the safety and security of their family by looking to purchase land. Their motivations vary, but one common thread is that they havea vision for how they want their families to live,  and the solution is finding a place to make that vision a reality.

Over the next few weeks, you will hear stories from our family farm in Perry County, Alabama, as well as from other agents with Southeastern Land Group, and some of our clients and friends that share a love for the land. This concept of “Safer on Your Acres” is not about scaring anyone into making a real estate purchase. The impetus is allowing you to achieve the vision for your life that brings you the most security and enjoyment. Many people agree that is best accomplished by having a safe place; and rural acreage is often the most desirable location.

Here are some of the main reasons that people tell me they are looking to purchase rural land:

  • Peace and Privacy, away from other People
  • Room to Grow and Hunt your own Food
  • Land is a more Stable Investment
  • Freedom to do What You Want to Do
  • Helping Connect your Family to What is Important in Life
  • Slower Pace of Life
  • Satisfaction of Improving and Managing a Piece of Land
  • Enjoyment of Nature and God’s Creation

We will explore these concepts in depth in the coming weeks on my blog and across my social media accounts. If you have questions or specific topics you would like to discuss, we can do that. I will also introduce you to great rural land for sale in Alabama so that you can find your own special place. Stay tuned for more updates on why it is Safer on YOUR Acres.