The Land Show Episode 424

This week on The Land Show, Jonathan Goode speaks with:   – Mary Wilson, Communications Outreach Director with the Alabama Farmers Federation, is in studio to discuss the recent annual farmer’s conference, and the good work that ALFA is doing for its members across the State.   – Brodie Croyle joins us to talk about Big Oak Ranch, and how they have been caring for children for 50 years. Brodie and his staff are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those who are involved with their ministry.   – Randall Upchurch is on from their family farm in Clay County. Randall talks about how being members of the Farmers Federation has been helpful to their family for several decades. Randall also shares about a great poultry farm for sale.   – William Lyon discusses Redolent Home, a business that his wife Kim owns in Lowndes County.    Thanks to our generous sponsors that make it possible to bring you The Land Show every week: Alabama Ag Credit, Alabama Farmers Federation, Poultry South, First South Farm Credit, The Land Report, LandThink, Southeastern Land Group, and LandFlip.   Subscribe to The Land Show, anywhere you get quality podcasts. If you like our content, please give us a review so others can find us as well.