The Land Show Episode 366

This Week on The Land Show:

  • Jonathan talks about his encounter with a Presbyterian Possum!
  • Kayla Greer with the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association is in studio to discuss the results of the Bama’s Best Beef contest. (You can hear Kayla beginning at 4:37)
  • Matt McLin, winner of Bama’s Best Beef contest, is on to discuss their McLin’s Restaurant in Daleville, Alabama. (You can hear Matt’s interview from 8:45 to 23:20)
  • Brian Hardin, External Affairs Director for the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, joins us to discus the upcoming state and federal elections coming up next week. (You can hear Brian’s interview from 23:20 to 37:17)
  • Brian Watts and John Hardin were in studio to discuss the land market in and around Lee County, and share some trends happening in their area. (You can hear Brian and John’s interview from 37:17 to 51:00) and
  • Randall Upchurch talks about poultry farms, and what the market is doing in our Farmland Report. (You can hear Randall’s interview from 51:00 to 59:00)