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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Glenn Crumpler, founder of Cattle for Christ, joins us to discuss their ministry using improved agricultural practices to share the news of Christ with people around the world. 
  • Scott Penton, owner of Penton Farms in Verbena, AL, talks about their great pumpkin patch and we find out they are the largest strawberry grower in the state. 
  • Russ Walters talks about how recent heavy rains are impacting cotton and peanut harvest on their family farm in Covington County, AL. 
  • Dave and Jonathan answer a listener question about “What mapping programs or apps do you like to use?”

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, it was just kind of around Alabama farming show today.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it was.
  • Dave: Very interesting first guest we have with us.
  • Johnny: It was Mr. Glenn Crumpler with the Cattle for Christ down in Enterprise, Alabama got a fantastic ministry going on. I had the chance to have lunch with him a few years ago and got to meet him and has a real heart for the world and helping folks in underserved parts of the world.
  • Dave: Yeah.
  • Johnny: And they’re using agriculture to do that. So anyway, really interesting guy.
  • Dave: It was, and check that out, that new farmhouse ministry kicking off in November there,
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: to help help native families, somebody that’s got a terminal illness with pettings, all these great things. So if you have a child in that situation, that needs to go down and have some solace and family time and be with animals, that’s just a great, a great ministry. Reach out to them. Mr. Scott Penton was our next farmer,
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: and what an impressive farm. I didn’t realize they’re the largest strawberry farmer
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: in Alabama.
  • Johnny: Two hundred thousand strawberries is what they’re planning to do right there in Verbena.
  • Dave: Historic verbena. And then we talked about the pumpkin patch that your family enjoys.
  • Johnny: Yeah, Whitney and my youngest son went and hung out there last week. And anyway, just a great time. We always look forward to doing that. And then we went down to Andalusia, to Covington county, Alabama, and talked to Russ Walters about their family peanut and cotton farm. How this seven inches of rain this week is affecting their farm and their harvest. And, you know, anyway, just a real interesting update. Farming is just different. Every kind of farming is a little bit different.
  • Dave: It is. And I tell you, Russ, you know, these farmers take so much risk, you know, Russ and his family feeding Alabama and the world and clothing Alabama and the world with cotton and then peanuts. And so it’s just, it’s just amazing, amazing what they do and how they do it. And then we finished the show out and had a listener question. I thought was very interesting. You know, about asking about mapping technologies.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: We kind of went back in the wayback machine and went back, went back in time. And talked about how things have progressed from basically no technology to lots and lots of different technology, including TerraPlat, our proprietary app, Southeastern land group on the Google store.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: It was all interesting.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it was. So thank you all for tuning in to The Land Show. If you have questions, send those to Dave and me and man, it’s always a privilege to get to do this with you.
  • Dave: Absolutely. It’s great. We appreciate all of our listeners, six plus years, all the folks that have participated over time. Appreciate our great sponsors behind us here and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.