The Land Show Episode 244

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Mark Buxton, of Southeastern Wildlife Habitat Services, joins us to discuss what landowners can be doing to help promote good habitat for their deer and turkey populations.
  • Randall Upchurch takes a break from his family vacation to update us on the steady flow of business with poultry and cattle farms in our Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts shares insights into current trends with the timber markets in the state in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Ken Peters, agent with SELG and partner with Dominion Trapping, discusses what he is doing to remove predators from his clients’ properties right now to help deer fawn and turkey poult recruitment.

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  • Dave – Jonathan it was another great Land Show, man I tell you I went over to West Alabama, Marengo County, one of the prettiest counties in the state there. A friend of yours Mark Buxton, Southeastern Wildlife, Habitat Services, I mean that guy is an expert when it comes to managing wildlife.
  • Johnny – He’s been doing it a long time.
  • Dave – He’s got a lot of passion and I learned a lot about clover today, it was fantastic.
  • Johnny – Yeah, well, and he deals, I mean he posts stuff on his Facebook page all the time. You would wanna see his pictures, he does a really good job, shares a lot of good information. Then we went down to the coast. We caught up with Randall Upchurch with Poultry South and Southeastern Land Group. Randall was on vacation, talked to us about catching some speckled trout down there and then, I had to get his mind engaged about work a little bit, talked about poultry farms and cattle farms and what they’re seeing and those guys are blowing and going.
  • Dave – They are, man. He was having, catching some big old gator trout down there. I know Bill Bates produced a lot of them, and we found old Paul Bunyan wondering the woods there. Old Brian Watts, the president of our timber sales division with Southeastern Land Group, and he’s helping a lot of landowners and he gave some good advice about marking your property lines and not always trusting flagging and to consider painting your lines in purple with some of the new law changes in the state, and Brian’s done a great job.
  • Johnny – He did, and then we took a listener question from a gentleman over in Oxford, asked about some property that he’s considering purchasing that has a conservation easement on it. And what were some of the considerations that he needs to take into account when purchasing this property? So, we appreciate his question and Jim, Mr. Jim from Oxford.
  • Dave – Yeah, yep.
  • Johnny – Thank you for sending that question in.
  • Dave – Yeah, then we wrapped up the show with old Trapper Ken, he came in and you never know where he’s going to be, he was in Koozie County out working and Ken Peters, he’s one of our better agents from Southeastern Land Group, Dominion Trapping, and. It was a fantastic show, we appreciate you watching this review, and encourage you to watch the entire Land Show with Dave and John.

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