The Land Show Episode 243

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Taylor Hatchett, owner of Boozer Farms in Chilton County, joins us to talk about what their great Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are doing through the early summer.
  • Bo Pierce, owner of Alabama Game Fence, comes on to talk about different types of fencing that landowners can construct around the property and considerations for proper fence maintenance.
  • Cody Rasco, an agent with Southeastern Land Group and cattleman, discusses his family’s custom beef operation in Cullman County, Alabama.
  • Dave and Jonathan answer a listener question about what are points to consider when buying a rural piece of property as a homestead.

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, this was kind of a rural, entrepreneur slash farmer’s job.
  • Johnny – That’s it.
  • Dave – And young rural. Oh yeah we had a lot of really younger folks that are making it happen in the countryside in Alabama. Taylor Hatchet with Boozer Farms. You’re a farmer. Talk about all
  • Johnny – Yeah
  • Dave – The great boxes that she provides you and your family. It’s like CSA that’s what it’s called?
  • Johnny– Yeah Community Supported Agriculture. She does a fantastic job.
  • Dave – She really does.
  • Johnny – She does and then we went over to West Alabama down to Wilcox County, talked to Mr. Bo Pierce, the owner of Alabama Game Fence. He talked to us about high fences a little bit, but also hog fencing and goat fencing and livestock, all manner of things and then he gave a few tips on what land owners can do to maintain the integrity of their fence.
  • Dave – Yeah Bo does a great job, he’s one of the three famous Bo’s.
  • Johnny – The three famous Bo’s in Alabama
  • Dave – We talked about that and then yeah speaking of another entrepreneurial younger guy, a young farmer, Mr. Cody Rasco, with Southeastern Land Group. Talk about his custom beef and how that business is exploding the need for processors in Alabama. People have such a desire to not only get their vegetables and fruits from people like Boozer Farms and Taylor, but they get their meats grown here in Alabama from folks like Cody Rasco and then we had a listener question after.
  • Johnny – We did. We wrapped it up with a question from Jen from Birmingham, we appreciate her asking. She’s one of the many, many folks that are telecommuting now and thinking about moving to a rural setting. She asked what she needed to consider if she’s gonna make that kind of move, so we threw out a few things. We love to get questions like that at INFO@THELANDSHOW.COM and we really do appreciate.
  • Dave – Did we talk about your “Safer On Your Acres?”
  • Johnny – Yeah just a little bit, just in response to the stay-at-home orders in Alabama and all the things that have been going on with that. I’ve gotten so many questions, just started a little campaign called, “Safer On Your Acres.” I’ve been turning out some videos, there on the Southeastern Land Group website at SELANDGROUP.COM and on our Facebook page. So we’re just putting out some information for people like Jen that are thinking about buying some rural land. Check out that “Safer On Your Acres” information on our website and on Facebook.
  • Dave – Yeah we appreciate you watching this review and be sure to listen to the entire show and as always we thank you for listening to “The Land Show” with Dave and Johnny.

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