The Land Show Episode 241

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Erin Beasley, Executive Vice President of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, joined us to discuss a new initiative to help cattlemen get their product direct to the consumer, and she explains some of what we are hearing in the news regarding higher beef prices.
  • Brock Ray, owner of Brock’s Huntin Cabins, talks about the increased demand for his log cabins as more people seek to get away into rural settings.
  • Chuck Sykes, Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, was in studio to update us on this past turkey season and also the positive news of more people getting into the outdoors in Alabama to enjoy hunting and fishing this spring.
  • Keith Gauldin, Wildlife Section Chief, talks about the upcoming alligator hunting season and some educational opportunities for young people to learn predator trapping skills. Find all of that information at

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  • Dave – Well Johnathan that’s another great show, man, despite of us.
  • Johnny – Yeah, no doubt.
  • Dave – We had Miss Erin Beasley on and such a timely guest to have to talk about the cattle markets, she’s executive director of Alabama Cattleman’s Association. She does a tremendous job,
  • Johnny – Yeah she really does.
  • Dave – Talking about different programs out there with small businesses, administration, maybe some help for struggling cattle farmers, USDA programs, and we just talked about markets in general.
  • Johnny – Yeah, she’s very knowledgeable and they’re very proactive for their members around the state. Then we had your buddy on Brock Ray with Brock’s Huntin’ Cabins, talked about these great log cabins that folks are wanting to put out, and even more of a demand for them right now. People put them out on their pieces of property as a little getaway or just a good spot to enjoy.
  • Dave – Yeah they’re nice, we really enjoyed our Brock’s Huntin’ Cabin. And then we had the big man on himself, Chuck Sykes, he’s the game and fish chief.
  • Johnny – Ah, you had it.
  • Dave – I got it one time, game and fish chief, and we talked about turkey hunting about the harvest numbers were up this year, game check was up and a lot of interesting statistics, and folks getting out and about. We talked about how it was great that our state really never shut down outdoor activity which was a really good move by the administration.
  • Johnny – I like what Chuck said that the turkeys took it on the beak this season. Guess COVID was tough on them, and then Keith Gauldin came in he’s the wildlife section chief, talked to us about some great predator trapping programs for kids that will be coming up soon and then also the alligator hunting season in Alabama, you put in for your tags next week June the 2nd at 8:00am, that opens. So do that, a lot of folks interested in alligator season. I always like looking at the pictures, its a really cool thing to see what comes out of our waters.
  • Dave – Don’t forget the Dave and Johnny eat steak programs.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – So you got to get us your pictures, we’re running a little contest get us pictures of your best steak and your recipe and we’ll try it out and whoever wins we’ll have on the Land Show for 5, 10-minute segment to talk about your steak recipes. Oh here’s one right now calling in. But get that info at or on our Facebook page and be sure to listen to the rest of the Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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