The Land Show Episode 236

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Ryan Folk, the founder of, joins us to share insights about what he is seeing in the land industry across the nation.
  • Chris Isaacson, Executive Vice President with the Alabama Forestry Association, updates us on the status of the forest products industry around the state of Alabama.
  • Josh Milton, Southeastern Land Group’s newest agent and Dave Milton’s son, is joining the ranks and will be serving Northwest Alabama in the Muscle Shoals area.
  • William Lyon, Broker with Southeastern Estates, talks a little turkey hunting success recently and also about the interest his team is seeing in small rural tracts of land and estates.
  • Russ Walters talks about the strong demand for small “mini-farm” properties in his markets, and how his family is getting ready to plant row crops soon.

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, it was another great show, man. I tell you, it was a pleasure having my son, Josh, in-studio here. Josh, glad to have you on the team with Southeastern Land Group.
  • Josh – Hey, thanks for having me, glad to be here.
  • Dave – You’re our newest agent, I hope you can make it a couple months.
  • Josh – I hope so.
  • Dave – Nah, I hope it’s going to be as good of a career for you as it is me and we’re excited to see what Josh is going to do in Northwest Alabama. Had Ryan Folk on. A great friend of the show, one of our sponsors, Landflip, Landthink Network. We just talked about some of the, maybe the, some of the positive impact markets with people being shut up and thinking about maybe, shut-in. Shut-in, not shut up.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – Shut-in and thinking about maybe getting out and buying a piece of property.
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – Hey, and this magazine is great. We had a great guest on here.
  • Johnny – We did.
  • Dave – This is, this is the Alabama Forest Magazine, Alabama Forestry Association. You should talk about it.
  • Johnny – Yeah, we did. We had Mr. Chris Isaacson, who’s the Executive Vice President of the Alabama Forestry Association on. Talked about all the great things that are happening in our forest products industry around the state and, you know, some great things, some things that are challenges right now, but it’s so important to the economy of Alabama. All the way from the landowner to the finished product. So we really appreciate Mr. Isaacson being on today.
  • Dave – Yeah and they even did an article here about a, you know, there’s a couple of ugly guys who did this land show thing, so.
  • Johnny – They were struggling for a guest this week.
  • Dave – So, we should’ve had Josh in that picture, he would’ve improved it. But then we went to Russ. Did our, no we didn’t, went to William.
  • Johnny – Well, we talked to Josh.
  • Dave – Yeah, we talked to Josh and then, we already talked about Josh. So Josh got enough air time. All right, so then we went to William Lyon with Southeastern Estates. William did a, does a tremendous job with selling small farms, homes, and we just talked about that market. William does a great job.
  • Johnny – And that they’re hammering all the turkeys over in Lowndes County.
  • Dave – There you go.
  • Johnny – Then we wrapped it up with Russ Walters down in Andalusia, Covington County and he talked about, they’re seeing what we’ve heard from people all around the state today, just that there’s a big demand for a lot of small properties right now. People want to get out in the country. They want to have a small piece of land where they can grow their food or stretch their legs or whatever you want to do, so, you know, I’m glad to hear that there’s still demand for a lot of these properties.
  • Dave – Yeah. And appreciate you all watching this short review of the show. And hope you’ll listen to the rest of the podcast. And always, thanks for listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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