The Land Show Episode 235

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Hunter McBrayer with ALFA and the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association joins us to talk about what is happening on family farms around the state.
  • Stacy Lyn Harris is on to share some great recipes to try at home to spice up your mealtime.
  • Robert King discusses cattle farm trends and prices in our Farmland Report.
  • Ken Peters talks trapping predators on your hunting land during our Outdoor Update.

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, thanks for letting me come back to The Land Show. I thought you had kicked me off. I was in purgatory there for a while.
  • Johnny – Appreciate you being our special guest. It’s good to have a real talent.
  • Dave – That’s it this is my farewell special. No, really I am glad to be back out of quarantine. Great first guest, a friend of the show, Hunter McBrayer, that right?
  • Johnny – Yeah Hunter McBrayer.
  • Dave – It was great to have the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association, just talk about the landscape, of all the fruit and vegetable growers and farms, great, great segment.
  • Johnny – Yeah it was, and then we talked to our good friend, Ms. Stacy Lyn Harris. And she always has good recipes, makes me hungry every time we talk to her. But how essential the cast iron skillet is, that was a good little addition this morning.
  • Dave – Yeah she does a great job and author and got a new book coming out.
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – Yeah. And Robert King came on and just talked about kind of independent farm living, and more localized markets and some of the transit he’s seeing in the market, and you know North Georgia, North Alabama, he’s doing a great job.
  • Johnny – And then we wrapped it up with Trapper Ken. Ken Peters who’s an agent with Southeastern Land Group, and also is a partner with Dominion Trapping, and talking to us about the importance of taking out coyotes on property and how that helps, helps all your turkeys and deer and all your wildlife and fruit. It was a good show, man.
  • Dave – Yeah it was. Y’all be sure to listen to the rest of The Land Show. Listen to the podcast and check it out. Appreciate you watching this podcast, and listen to the rest of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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