The Land Show Episode 232

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Erin Beasley, Executive VP of the Alabama Cattleman’s Association, joins us to talk about the current trends in beef production and the security of our food supply change.
  • Taylor Hatchett, owner of Boozer Farms, shares about what they are doing to grow fresh produce and vegetables on their family farm in Chilton County.
  • Russ Walters, land agent with Southeastern Land Group, talks about a turkey he killed this week and also about his family getting ready for planting peanuts and cotton on their 3W Farm.
  • Ken Peters, aka “Trapper Ken”, talks about introducing kids to the concept of trapping predators and how that helps your turkeys and deer recruitment on your property.

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  • Johnny – Hey thank y’all for tuning in today I’m Johnathan Goode with “The Land Show”, my host Dave. My co-host my good buddy Dave Milton was out today but our first guest was Erin Beasley she’s the executive vice-president of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. She did a great job talking about all the things that our beef producers around the state are doing right now to keep our food supply chain safe and stocked. Well stocked in the stores. And then we went to Taylor Hatchett, she’s the owner of Boozer Farms down in Chilton County and talked about all the great things that their farm’s doing as far as growing fresh produce. And supplying that to local folks through their CSA. Then we went down to Andalusia had to listen to Russ Walters talk about a turkey he killed this morning, that rascal. Got out there then took one by 6:45 and then he talked to us about what they’re doing to get their cotton and their peanuts planted this year. And then we wrapped it up with Ken Peters he talked to us about some trapping and how to get your kids outdoors and introduce them to the concept of raccoon trapping. They’re really hard on turkey nests this time of year. Y’all thanks for tuning in. If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes go to, check out the podcast section there. Send us your questions at Dave and I always enjoy getting those and lord willing the big guy will be back with me next week and will join us for more of “The Land Show with Dave & Johnny”.

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