The Land Show Episode 230

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Scott Posey, Public Affairs Manager, with Georgia Pacific shares about the work their team is doing at the Naheola Mill in Pennington to keep America stocked with bath tissue and paper towels.
  • Steve Talley, the owner of Talley’s Fruit Farm, discusses what is happening on his family farm in northeast Alabama, and the new CSA program they are starting this year.
  • Brian Watts, president of the Southeastern Land Group Timber Sales Division, gives an update on timber markets.
  • Randall Upchurch brings us up to speed on current trends in the cattle markets in our Farmland Report. 
  • Rick Bourne, briefs us on what is happening in the dove field to make preparations for this fall.

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  • Dave – Johnny B., it was great to be back in the saddle again this week. Man, great to be with you for a little hiatus, and it was a great show. We had an interesting first guest that you put together. Scott Posey, the public affairs manager for Georgia Pacific, talked about the big mill there in Choctaw County that makes toilet paper and Brawny paper towels.
  • Johnny – Buy Angel Soft.
  • Dave – Angel Soft.
  • Johnny – I think there’s a tie going.
  • Dave – So buy Angel Soft and buy Brawny. Support Alabama industry. It’s really interesting. They’re going wide open, and it should affect the pulp market.
  • Johnny – Yeah, for sure, and then we had my good friend, Steve Talley, on with Talley’s Fruit Farm in north Alabama. Talked about all the good stuff that’s growing on his farm. Talked about Sand Mountain tomatoes, which is one of your favorite things in the world. Should be a good year for local farmers.
  • Dave – Yeah, and then we had big Brian Watts roaming the woods, had to sing him a little song there to liven up the show. Talked about the timber markets. A lot of opportunities, a lot of cruising going on. Markets are steady, and certain markets are gonna move up, so that was a great segment.
  • Johnny – It was, and then we talked to Randall Upchurch over in Clay County and talked about grilling mostly, making memories during this time at home with your families, doing some special things, some things to enjoy that time with your crew while the rest of the world’s shut down.
  • Dave – Yeah, and we closed it out with the new nickname, the Dominant Dove Daddy.
  • Johnny – The Dominant Dove Daddy.
  • Dave – Rick Bourne, he came on. Rick does a great job in South Alabama, the panhandle of Florida, and really one of the best land brokers around. We talked about getting his dove field ready and the family farm. Folks, we really appreciate you watching this recap of the show, and we just encourage you to listen to the rest of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny on your podcast. And thanks as always for listening to The Land Show. We’re Dave and Johnny.

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