The Land Show Episode 245 Preview

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Captain Bill Vines, owner of Stripe Fishing Headquarters, talks about the great Stripe Fishing on Smith Lake now that using blueback herring as bait.
  • Steve Talleys, owner of Talley’s Fruit Farm, talks about what is ripening on his farm, and how it is going with his first year of doing a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.
  • Daniel Hautamaki, agent with Southeastern Land Group, comes on to talk about his markets in north Florida, west Georgia, and East Alabama.
  • Dave and Jonathan answer a listener question regarding the process of listing her land for sale.

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan, it was another great Land Show. I’ll tell you what, got really excited. You know, our intro, you know, we talked about a great canoe trip we had and the introduction of Southeastern Land TV. You know, kind of a spotlight to interesting places around the south tied into the intrinsic value of the land, and just, you know, some kind of hidden stories to get kind of, dig deep into the dirt…
  • Johnny – Yep.
  • Dave – …to find. And excited, when you know, what I’m really excited about. And also, you’re safer on your acre property, you know. We talked about that, and that’s really taken off.
  • Johnny – Yeah, I’ve been excited. It was in direct response to the Safer At Home orders given by the state of Alabama and a lot of the surrounding states, and we really believe that it is good to be socially distant, and there’s no better way to do that than to be on this rural acre. So that’s kind of the impetus. We’re gonna put out some videos to that end. You know, The Land Show, we feed that concept every week.
  • Dave – Yep.
  • Johnny – And this is the same setup this week.
  • Dave – Yeah. And you know, speaking of being safer on your acres, I can’t think of the water acres really…
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – …be out on the middle of Smith Lake. Mr. Bill Vines, he had the Stripe Fishing Headquarters, there on Smith Lake. Really exciting about being able to use a Blueback Herring, and just putting a lot a weight on the fish, and he just seemed like a super guy, runs a great business. I want to get out and fish with him.
  • Johnny – You know, this is the best way to catch fish since fishing with dynamite. So he’ll want try that. Then, we went to northeast Alabama, talked to my good friend Steve Talley at Talley’s fruit farm up there. He gave us an update. The peaches are coming in, those clear-seed, fresh, juicy, ripe peaches, and it won’t be long when you’re sitting out in Mayers.
  • Dave – That’s right.
  • Johnny – So that’s coming up.
  • Dave – Yeah, that was good Steve. Steve always brings it. And then we had Daniel Hatamauki, the man that’s so good he had to be licensed in three states.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – So Dan goes down in Tallahassee area and he does a lot south Georgia, and then over in southeast Alabama. Had a tremendous offering there outside of Eufaula. Great, you listen to the show, you get more details about this tremendous timber hunting opportunity there in Henry county, not far from Eufaula, not far from Abbeville, not too far from Dothan and the Georgia line. Really tremendous offering, a good price on that.
  • Johnny – Yeah, 544 acres right there for $799,000. That’s a good buy.
  • Dave – It is.
  • Johnny – And then we wrapped up the show with a listener question from Julie, she owns 120 acres in Chilton County. She wanted us to explain the process of what happens when we list a piece of property. Will we be required to sign a listing agreement? Well, we just talk through that, what the process is like, and then why we sign agreements so that everybody’s on the same page. So, you’ll want to hear that last segment of the show. Dave, you know, I’m glad we got 245 in the book.
  • Dave – Yeah, it was a great show. Love to always get your questions, your ideas at info@ Appreciate Julie for reaching out, and appreciate you watching this review. Be sure to listen to all The Land Show with Dave and John.

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