The Land Show Episode 242

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Ellie Watson, Director of Sweet Grown Alabama, updates us on the positive news from local farmers around the state. They are also unveiling their new map feature that allows you to search for farmers in your area to connect you to your fresh, local growers.
  • Steve Rider, River and Stream Fisheries Coordinator for Alabama Fish and Wildlife, updates us on stocking efforts of Southern Walleye for anglers in some of Alabama’s streams and rivers.
  • Randall Upchurch shares about the resurgence of poultry production across the Southeast as producers and integrators bounce back from the COVID shutdowns in our Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts talks about what he is seeing in the timberland markets across the state in our Timber Talk segment.
  • The last segment of the show is dedicated to Auburn football legend and outdoor enthusiast, Coach Pat Dye. His famous line opens our show every week: “I’ve been paid a lot of paychecks, but the only money I ever made was in land.”

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathon, it was another great Land Show. We had a great first guest on here, Miss Ellie Watson, Director of Sweet Grown Alabama there with the Ag and Industries. And she’s an energetic young lady doing a great job.
  • Johnny – Yeah, sure.
  • Dave – And building this program and helping farmers get involved with connecting farmers with consumers and it’s just really a hot thing right now.
  • Johnny – For sure and then we went to Mr. Steve Rider. He is the River and Stream Fisheries Coordinator for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the state. He talked about a walleye program. I’ve never even caught a walleye. You were all over that but really neat what they’re doing in Hatchet Creek with that fish and then around some of the other parts of the state.
  • Dave – Yeah, and then we found a big man out roaming around there. He was, I think he got through with a barbecue sandwich somewhere in Georgia or something like that. Randall Upchurch had a really interesting conversation about the difference in the business structure of the cattle industry versus the poultry industry. Really interesting.
  • Johnny – Right. And I don’t discriminate between chickens or cows.
  • Dave – No, there you go.
  • Johnny – I’ll eat them both. And then we wrapped it up with our Timber Talk with Brian Watts. Brian was out in Macon County today talking to us about what are some of the things that he’s seeing in the timber market right now. Seems like there are always opportunities depending on what market you’re in, so that was interesting. And then we wrapped it up with your–
  • Dave – Yeah, we had a kinda part at the end we had a tribute to Coach Pat Dye. I hated to hear about his passing, but somebody that I’ve known my whole life and so many folks have and just recognizing what a tremendous impact he had on the outdoor industry here in Alabama. He had his radio show and stuff he and I did when I was a younger man together as a ghostwriter for him in Alabama Whitetail and Bass Magazine and just reminiscing. I just had a great interview there from a couple years ago. George Mann and I were sitting around in his lodge and just, lots and lots of good memories. Y’all listen to the entire Land Show and as always, we appreciate you listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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