The Land Show Episode 231

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Commissioner Rick Pate, with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, joins us to talk about the security and sufficiency of our food supply chain in Alabama.
  • Robert King, an agent with Southeastern Land Group, talks about what is happening on his family cattle farm in our Farmland Report.
  • Blake Hargroder, owner of Blake’s Crawfish, shares about his crawfish farm and some great tips for making your crawfish boil a success.
  • William Lyon, broker with Southeastern Estates, tells the story of his daughter harvesting her first turkey last week.

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  • Johnny – Hey, everybody. Thanks for tuning in. Checking out this preview for “The Land Show” today. We had great, had a great show. Episode 231. My buddy, Dave, he’s not in today. He’s a little under the weather. But hopefully, he’ll be able to join us next week. We kicked off the show today with Commissioner Rick Pate, who’s the head of Alabama’s Ag and Industries. He did a great job talking about how secure our food supply chain is around the state. Lotta good stuff going on. Please support your local farmers. And check out Sweet Grown Alabama to find out who your local farmers are and what products they have available. Then we went over to Clay County and we talked to my good friend, Robert King, there. And he talked to us about what’s happening with his family cattle farm. And then some of the things he’s seeing in the poultry industry around the state. Some good opportunities that are happening right now, so you’ll wanna hear what Robert had to say. And then we went over to West Alabama with one of my favorite guests every season. We have Blake Hargroder with Blake’s Crawfish on to talk about those fantastic mudbugs that he’s growin’ over there and all the tips that you need to know for having a successful crawfish boil. Even if you can’t have as many people there, that just means more crawfish for you. So, enjoyed having Blake on and then we wrapped it up with William Lyon. He talked to us about his daughter Katheryn. How she took her first turkey last week. Was really exciting. Great video of that. Thank y’all so much for tunin’ in to “The Land Show.” If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes go to Check those out. You can see it on the podcast section there. Send us your questions at and Lord willin’ Dave and I’ll be back next week. Join us for “The Land Show.”

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