The Land Show Episode 240

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This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan it was another great land show. I’ll tell you we started off talking about crawfish we had our good friend Blake Aregruder provided some great crawfish for us yesterday and it’s that time of the year isn’t it?
  • Johnny – I’m doing it this afternoon we’re looking forward to it and then we had our first guest Ms. Bethany O’Rear with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service and talking about a great new program called Grow More, Give More taking advantage of people’s interest in growing their own food and really it becoming more of a necessity, potentially to do it at this time.
  • Dave – Yeah, that’s a great program we talked about how it was similar to the old victory garden…
  • Johnny – Yeah
  • Dave – Back in World War II. Speaking of food man we had- we had some of the guys that produces one of my favorite foods, catfish. Mr. Townsend Kyser, Kyser family farm and we did you know- seven hundred something acres and catfish ponds.
  • Johnny – Yeah
  • Dave – And uh you know he’s- he’s been past president of their professional organization and it’s just a tremendous business here in Alabama and we- we learn more about it, it was great.
  • Johnny – We do, hey here’s a pro-tip when you’re eating your catfish and you get those hush puppies if you’ll just get some honey and dip your- dip your hush puppies in honey it’ll change your life-
  • Dave – That’s what I need, more calories.
  • Johnny – That’s a pro-tip for you right there from a professional eater such as myself. Then we went over to Clay County, to talk to Mr. Spencer Loveless and Spencer has a new property for sale over there seven hundred acres, and Spencer was telling us about that track.
  • Dave – Yeah, do- an old farm track Spencer’s got a lot of showing on an eighteen hundred dollars an acre right there rock wheels, close to the Georgia line great property, that one’s not gonna last. Then we went to the Trapper Ken we found him he was out trapping somewhere in he’s kind of shifted dominion trapping shifting from his, from his coyotes, on to beavers, and otters and really helping a lot of landowners you know manage their property.
  • Johnny – Yeah, I’m pretty positive at your place…
  • Dave – Yeah
  • Johnny – Saw some turkeys over there and then we wrapped it up with the “Dove Daddy” Rick Bourne, he always provides some great information I promise you I’ve never seen a better-looking dove field then what he does and he gave us some tips on that, then talked to us about a new package of about twenty properties that Pot Life’s Delta has given us to help them sell around the state there a lot of good uh- a lot of good well-managed timber tracks and hunting properties that are priced to sell, so there are a lot of good options so feel free to contact us about that, and man I’m just grateful to have another one in the books.
  • Dave – Yeah, y’all be sure to get us your questions at and be sure to listen to the entire show and remember this is just the, this is just the review session, and as always we appreciate you listening to the Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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