Month: May 2020

The Land Show Episode 240

The Land Show Episode 240

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny: Bethany O’Rear, Regional Horticulture Agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, shares about the new “Grow More, Give More” initiative. Townsend Kyser, Chairman of Catfish Farmers of America, joins us to talk about catfish farming in Alabama. Spencer Loveless, an agent with Southeastern Land Group, discusses a brand new listing of 707 acres in Randolph County, Alabama. Ken Peters talks about predator control in our Outdoor Update. …

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The Land Show Episode 239

The Land Show Episode 239

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Brandon Jackson, owner of Riverside Fly Shop, talks about the great rainbow trout fishing opportunities just south of the Smith Lake Dam. He joins us from a drift boat in the middle of the river.
  • Russ Walters talks about recent planting of peanuts and cotton on his family farm in Covington County in the Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts updates us the timber markets around the state of Alabama in the Timber Talk segment.
  • Ben Elliott, with Alabama Ag Credit, comes in studio to talk about recent trends in land loans and the great interest rates that are available to buyers at this time.

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, it was another great Land Show. I tell you, I thought it was a tremendous, and speaking of great, we got a great big ol’ guest who came in here today, Big Ben Elliott with Alabama Ag Credit. Ben, thanks for being on the show, you brought a lot of useful information.
  • Ben – Hey, it’s always a pleasure to see you guys. I’m glad we’re starting to get to see each other a lot more, and I hope for good things coming out here in the next few months.
  • Dave – Yeah. And then we had our first guest. Yeah, thanks again. Thanks for your sponsorship too, we appreciate that. Brandon Jackson with Riverside Fly Shop. Brandon, you know, he’s a great friend of ours, does a great job guiding trout trips there in the tailrace below Smith Lake Dam. He was out in the boat fishing.
  • Johnny – Yeah, and then a not-so-great friend of mine, Russ Walters, was on the show. No, I’m kidding, he always gives me grief. But yeah, Russ was on the show, gave us our farmland report today from Covington County and talked about planting all those peanuts. I think they planted 900 acres of peanuts and cotton last week, and that’s a lot of time in the seat, man.
  • Dave – Yeah, I know. And then we went from the, we went from the farm to the woodlands, didn’t we?
  • Johnny – Yeah, that’s right, we talked to Brian Watts, who is the president of our Timber Sales Division, and a lot of good harvest stuff going on. Gave us updates on timber markets around the state. If you got white oaks, it’s not a bad time to sell that right now, is it?
  • Dave – No, I know, we talked about the battle of the heart and the head with those pretty white oaks. But, folks, thanks for watching this video review of The Land Show. Be sure to listen to the real thing, and, as always, we appreciate you listening to The Land Show with Dave & Johnny.

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Alabama Hunting Land for Lease

Alabama Hunting Land for Lease

Jonathan Goode and Southeastern Land Group specialize in helping people buy and sell rural land across the Southeast, and especially in Alabama and Mississippi. I do not handle hunting leases, but we offer this page as a resource for those who are interested in leasing hunting property. SELG is not officially connected with these hunting leases in any capacity, but we do have a good working relationship with many of these entities. In each possible instance the links below lead  to the page for hunting land leases. Please let me know if we can assist you with any of your land buying or selling needs.

Alabama Farmers Federation

Alabama Forest Owner Association

Alabama Forestry Association

Alabama Power Corporation

Alawest, Inc. – 205-339-0300

Campbell Group

CSX Railroad

Dudley Lumber Company – 334-745-4695

Forest Investment Associates

Hancock Forest Management

International Paper Company

Mead WestVaco


Outdoor Alabama


Rayonier Corporation

Regions, Morgan & Keegan

Resource Management Services

Timberland Investment Resources

University of Alabama

University of South Alabama Timberlands

Westervelt Wildlife Services

Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Land for Sale in Alabama

Land for Sale in Mississippi


The Land Show Episode 238

The Land Show Episode 238

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny: Paul Combs, owner of Southern Ambrosia Honey, joins us to talk about his honey bee operation in west Alabama. Eddie Lee Rider and Eric O’Keefe with The Land Report Magazine, talk about some of the most premier properties around the country and what they are hearing from the land market nationwide. Randall Upchurch gives us our Farmland Report about poultry farms and cattle operations around the state. Dave …

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WNSP Outdoors Radio Jonathan Goode interview

WNSP Outdoors Radio Interview on May 7, 2020

Today I had the privilege of joining hosts, Alan White and Doug Max, on the WNSP Outdoors radio show. These men cover everything in the outdoors from turkeys to tripletails, and everything in between. We discussed strategies for investing in timberland and buying hunting land in Alabama. We had a great time, and if you missed the live show on 105.5 FM out of Mobile today, you can catch the interview here. We discussed topics that everyone wants to know …

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The Land Show Episode 237

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny: Captain David Hare, owner of Alex City Guide Service, gives us the fishing report on Lake Martin. He talks about the striped bass bite and also how COVID 19 is effecting fishing on the Lake. Chuck Allen joins us to discuss the Cahaba Lily Festival coming up in West Blocton on May 16, 2020. Chris Wood, owner of Pond Pro and agent with SELG, gives 3 tips for …

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The Land Show Episode 236

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny: Ryan Folk, the founder of, joins us to share insights about what he is seeing in the land industry across the nation. Chris Isaacson, Executive Vice President with the Alabama Forestry Association, updates us on the status of the forest products industry around the state of Alabama. Josh Milton, Southeastern Land Group’s newest agent and Dave Milton’s son, is joining the ranks and will be serving Northwest …

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